Our Program

Early Care

In our Sweet Pea, Tiny Tot, Wee Angel and Little Lambs classes we provide a warm and nurturing environment for children to grow and explore. Our ratios remain low to provide as much one-on-one time as possible. Young children learn best when they feel secure and develop trust and security when they know the caregivers are…

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Full Day Preschool – Ages 3 To 5 Years In our Shooting Star and Explorer classes we seek to engage and challenge young minds. KASP offers rich experiences which are based on exploring themes and seasonal experiences. Opportunities to learn and develop through play and experimentation are given. Language and literacy skills, mathematics, science, social studies,…

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After School

KASP provides an after-school program for children attending kindergarten through 5th grade. Depending on the number of children enrolled in our after-school program, we group the children into three different classes: Cheetahs, Tiger  and Vipers. We offer a safe and enriching opportunity to be with peers after school under direct adult supervision. Physical play, homework time,…

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