Our Program



Full Day Preschool – Ages 3 To 5 Years

In our Shooting Star and Explorer classes we seek to engage and challenge young minds. KASP offers rich experiences which are based on exploring themes and seasonal experiences. Opportunities to learn and develop through play and experimentation are given. Language and literacy skills, mathematics, science, social studies, art drama and music are all part of our integrated curriculum. Spanish, music & movement with TrICA and yoga are some of the lessons that are offered as part of our regular program.

Our teachers strive to develop a sense of community within the classrooms. We acknowledge that conflicts are a natural part of development and inevitable in the early childhood classroom. Teachers assist children in working through conflicts by using their words to address confrontational issues. This allows children to learn to be respectful of others while they feel valued and respected.

Our ratios in the full day preschool classrooms are as follows:

  • Shooting Stars – 8 to 1 with a maximum of 16 preschoolers (child is 3 by Sept. 1st)
  • Explorers – 9 to 1 with a maximum of 18 preschoolers (child is 4 by Sept. 1st)

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