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Early Care

In our Sprouts, Tiny Tot, Wee Angel and Little Lambs classes we provide a warm and nurturing environment for children to grow and explore. Our ratios remain low to provide as much one-on-one time as possible. Young children learn best when they feel secure and develop trust and security when they know the caregivers are close by.

KASP uses the looping concept of having one caregiver move with the children from class to class, starting in our Sprouts room and ending in our Little Lambs. This allows the caregiver the opportunity to know a child’s individual characteristics and preferences. Our teachers develop a deep bond with the entire family, thus supporting a strong team approach.

Our ratios in the various early care classrooms are as follows:

Sprouts4 to 1 ratio with a maximum of 8 infants(4 months)
Tiny Tots4 to 1 ratio with a maximum of 8 young toddlers(1 year old)
Wee Angels5 to 1 ratio with a maximum of 10 toddlers(young two year old)
Little Lambs6 to 1 ratio with a maximum of 12 older toddlers(older two year old)