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Full Day Preschool

3 – 5 years

In our Shooting Stars (3 by Sept. 1st) and Explorers (4 by Sept. 1st) preschool classes, we offer a full day of activities to engage and challenge young minds. KASP offers rich experiences for preschoolers to explore many themes and seasonal events.  Many opportunities to learn and develop through play and experimentation are given.

Language/literacy skills, mathematics, science, social studies, art, drama, and dance are part of the integrated curriculum on which we focus. In the Explorer class, Zoo Phonics is used, which is also utilized in the Boise schools. We also bring in outside teachers for Spanish on Wednesday and music with FUMC. In addition, we offer yoga classes on Thursdays. In the fall we offer Martial Arts class to our Explorers class.  Our in-house teachers help offer a sense of community within the classrooms.  Every child is valued and respected.

Our ratios in the full day preschool classrooms are as follows:

Shooting Stars10 to 1 with a maximum of 16 preschoolers (child is 3 by Sept. 1st)
Explorers10 to 1 with a maximum of 18 preschoolers(child is 4 by Sept. 1st)